Potato Products

U.S. Chipping Potatoes

The United States leads the world in potato chip manufacturing due to the high-quality of U.S. chipping potatoes. Companies around the world can access these same high-quality chipping potatoes for processing in their facilities. U.S. chipping potatoes offer buyers a wide variety, as well as year-round availability thanks to the different growing regions in the United States. Potatoes USA also offers support for U.S. customers including variety and supplier information; technical assistance during shipping, receiving and processing; and a chipping-potato samples program. 

  • Quality

    U.S. quality begins with top quality certified seed planted in the U.S.' fertile soil and grown in a climate optimal for potato growing. U.S. potato growers take care to use the best production practices for a healthy crop. Careful harvesting, proper handling, and modern equipment all help to maintain the high-quality of chipping potatoes from the field to the manufacturing plant.

    Proper storage of chipping varieties is vitally important. Potato storage in the United States consists of modern facilities using the latest technologies. This maximizes the storage life span of the potatoes. As with all potatoes grown in the United States, U.S. chipping potatoes are inspected, sorted and graded using strict U.S. industry standards in keeping with requirements of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

  • Profitability

    The U.S. offers a large number of potato varieties suited for different manufacturing uses. U.S. chip-stock is available for export twelve months out of the year. The wide variety of chipping potatoes grown in the U.S. have different storage, shipping and chipping characteristics, so it is important to work with your supplier to determine the very best potato for your needs. U.S. potatoes for chip processing are typically grown under contract. Contracting with a grower prior to planting will ensure you get exactly what you need.


VarietyGravityMaturityStorabilityTuber ShapeSkin ColorFlesh Color
ANDOVERMediumEarly to MidMediumShort OvalWhiteWhite
ATLANTICHighMidseasonMediumShort OvalBuffWhite
CHIPETAHighMid to LateMediumShort OvalWhite to TanWhite
DAKOTA PEARLMed to HighMidseasonLongRoundWhiteWhite
IVORY CRISPHighMidseasonMediumRoundWhiteWhite
KENNEBECMed to HighMidseasonMediumShort OvalBuffWhite
LACHIPPERMediumMidseasonShortShort OvalWhiteWhite
MARCYMedium-HighMidseasonLongRound to OvalWhiteWhite
MEGACHIPMedium-highLateLongRound to OvalWhiteWhite
NORVALLEYMediumMidseasonMediumRound to OblongWhiteCream-white
NORWISMediumMidseasonShortOvalWhite to TanPale Yellow
PIKEHighMidseasonMediumShort OvalBuffWhite
REBAMediumMid to LateLongShort OvalWhiteWhite